A group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest. In our case its hunting ,family,and the outdoors!


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Founder | CEO


My passion for the outdoors has helped me through every walk of life. I founded this team with the ambition to get everyone who shares this same passion banded together. One family!!!  I am an extremely proud father and getting the opportunity to take my kids out hunting is the greatest feeling. I feel it’s my duty to pass on this great tradition. With the support of my wife, family, friends and team, we set out to chase our dreams. I have a new mission to achieve in this chase. My younger brother was diagnosed with cancer last year, since then he has beaten his enemy and going strong. His strength through all of the surgeries and treatment was honestly inspiring. So my mission is to fill his freezer with the most organic lean meat you can get and help keep him strong. I am more than just a hunter, I am a provider!!!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.




President | COO


First and foremost, I am an outdoorsman. And as an outdoorsman, I believe I have no greater obligation in life than to pass on my love of hunting and the outdoors to my sons. Whether it is hunting ducks in the marsh, geese in the fields, pheasants at the farm, or grouse in the woods, my passion is chasing waterfowl and upland birds.

I grew up hunting whitetails and small game in northern Michigan, but was introduced to waterfowl hunting in the early 90’s while in the US Army. For a while after I got out, I split my time between waterfowling, upland birds, and deer hunting. But when my first son was born in 1999, I decided that waterfowling would allow me to spend the most time outdoors with my kids.

I still occasionally get out and hunt whitetails, and each spring, I’m in the woods hunting turkeys. But each fall my mind becomes almost singularly focused on sharing a duck blind with family and friends, the sunrises and sunsets, and most importantly, passing on the traditions and life lessons that can only be learned in the woods, marshes, lakes, and fields.





Co-owner | Vice-President


My name is Jacob Rizkallah. I grew up in Wayne MI. At a very young age I had a deep passion for the outdoors, spending summers and lots of weekend trips to our family property in Gladwin MI. My uncles taught me everything to get me going and we're a huge influence on my young years which made me the person I am today. Learning from every step in the woods and every cast on the water I knew I had an addiction that was never going away. I harvested my first deer with a bow and arrow at 14 years old, that day it was like a fire lit inside of me and I could not get enough. I felt like no matter what I went through in life, as long as I could always have a small wood lot and my bow I would die a happy man. Fred Bear blasting, endless phone calls to my uncles about hunting, and every dollar I had going into gear and gas is how I spent every hunting season. Never shooting anything to talk about in northern MI where hunting was ruff for us but also never giving up or getting down. To me it really was just the silence of the woods and a few does that got me to my happy place. I was always taught it's not what u put on the wall, it was the memories made in the process that last forever. In 2009 I joined the Michigan Army National Guard and quickly deployed to Iraq as a .50 Cal machine gunner in 2010 just 4 days after my son was born. This was a huge change for me but contributed to my love of this great nation. After my return home I started working full time for the Honor Guard out of Detroit MI, performing military funeral honors is a job I fell in love with and still do till this day. Getting back to hunting after being in a war zone was key to me coping with what me and my comrades went through. At this time my time in the woods ment more to me than ever and was where I went to clear my head. I gained access to a small farm in southern MI and that was where my passion came to its peak, running trail cameras, putting in food plots, and hanging sets it was a totally different hunt than what I was used to from hunting set box blinds up north. In 2014 I harvested one of the top 3 bucks with a bow in the state. A picture perfect 174 inch Typical Boone and Crocket 12 point put me on the map and ever since that addiction has grown to be life. My support from my family and friends keeps me going every day to be one of the greats, my son following in my footsteps already has the passion that was installed in me at his age. Every day in this world is a blessing and I plan on taking full advantage until my very last day.




Co-Owner | Vice-President


Co-Owner | Vice-President



Head Pro-Staff | Editor


Avid hunter, Been hunting since I was 10 years old with my father and grandfather. Grew up in Downtown Detroit but country living is in my blood! It's my passion and love for the outdoors that make me the hunter I am today. My favorite animals to hunt are wild turkeys, and majestic whitetail deer. Enjoy teaching others about the sport and spending time in Gods creation. Its the way he intended life to be.! if more people grabbed a bow or gun and did what us hunters do, it would be a safer and better world.  I am fairly new to the videographer aspect but i think its a new found love of the sport that ive been introduced to by a few friends. i eat,sleep,breath the outdoors like every other sportsman.




Pro Staff


I was born and raised in Michigan, and as a young kid growing up in Michigan the outdoors has always been a huge part of my life. The outdoors, defines who I am as a person to this day. I was my dad’s right-hand man when it came to going up north and going out fishing on the weekends. When I turned 13 years old, I bought my first bow from MJC Archery. Those guys taught me everything I know about archery and bow hunting. Hunting whitetails with a bow is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle to me. It’s a lifestyle that takes a lot of commitment, time, heart and love for the sport. I’ve yet to find something in this world that I’m more passionate about than the outdoors or whitetail hunting. I’ve always hoped for an opportunity to be part of a team that showed the same passion and love for the outdoors as I do. Being part of the Syndicate Team now for me I can honestly say I found my home with a good hard working, loving, passionate, down to earth, caring group of guys that just want to enjoy the outdoors for all it’s worth.






I am an outdoor enthusiast, avid huntress, and proud mother from SE Michigan. From shooting a .22 on my father's lap at 5 years old, to fishing on my family's flat bottom boat at the local lake, I was never a stranger to the outdoors growing up. My father taught me everything I know about hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. I believe that my dad raised my sister and I as if we were the boys he never had.


My favorite quarry includes whitetail, turkey, and pheasant. I also enjoy trolling the Great Lakes for walleye, and wading the river during a salmon run. Whether I’m grunt calling a dominate buck in, sweet talking a mature gobbler, or landing a salmon while wading in the river, my passion for the outdoors knows no bounds






I fell in love with the outdoors when I was young. My father who i have to thank, got me involved with hunting early in my life. It has been a growing obsession ever since. I have had a lot of success hunting whitetails as well as making great memories in the Michigan woods by myself and with family and friends. Now that i am here I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences (good and bad) with you guys with posts, pics and videos.


Head Pro-Staff - Waterfowl


Waterfowl Pro-Staff


Waterfowl Pro-Staff


Waterfowl Pro-Staff


I have been a waterfowl hunter for almost 19 years. My cousin took me on my first youth hunt and that was when I got hooked! Nothing gets my blood pumping like geese or ducks locked up in my face. I have lived in south east michigan my entire life and that's where I do all my hunting and fishing.  I am proud to be a part of Michigan Hunting Syndicate, and look forward to this upcoming season.


Waterfowl Pro-Staff


Everyone has had that first brush with the outdoor life, whether it be a memory of the first hunt, hitting trails in the woods, or watching a bobber float the water. We can agree that these situations are what propel us into the sport of hunting. I grew up on my grandparent’s farm in SE Michigan and the outdoors is where I’ve always wanted to be. It started out with whitetails but waterfowl hunting has got me hooked. Nothing like have the birds cupped up and hovering overhead trying to find that pocket to land in. I hope to share the knowledge I’ve learned along the way and continue learning and I look forward to doing that with the Syndicate!